Giving MIEHS to  his Royal Highness Fon Abumbi II by his subjects, it is a honorific title bestowed by the Fon of Bafut to his subjects. Usually it is conferred to those who have accomplished some meritorious achievement, those who have done something substantial to their communities or some act if bravery or excellence in their respective fields, bring honor to the Fondom or nation at large. However today, there is no set criteria. having given your MIEH makes it possible for you to talk directly with the Fon of Bafut. He gives you a new name your might name. People now pay to get MIEH (which was not the tradition). After the mighty, the subject brought gifts to the Fon and was instructed to go back to his/her family and equally feed the family, then also their community. Decorations like black birds feathers, porcupine pines, a bangle, a bag with bell on it are some of the many types of decorations MIEHS carry along.

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